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New York Power Authority’s AGILe Laboratory to Feature the RTDS Simulator

October 13, 2017

RTDS Technologies and Nayak are pleased to announce that RTDS Technologies was awarded a project by New York Power Authority to deliver a NovaCor based RTDS real-time power system simulator for use in NYPA’s Advanced Grid Innovation Laboratory for Energy (AGILe).  The AGILe lab will be used to study advanced transmission applications and perform studies in the areas of Cyber Security, Sensors, Automation and Controllers.  The real-time operation of the RTDS permits major utilities such as NYPA to develop high fidelity models of their grid and to interconnect physical control and protection equipment to the simulator.  Performance of the control and protection equipment can then be evaluated under various steady-state and dynamic conditions to verify correct operation before that equipment is installed in the field.  In addition to observing the behavior of the interconnected equipment, NYPA will be able to verify that the parameters and settings for the equipment are correct.


RTDS Expansion by CPRI, India!

March 13, 2017

Nayak and RTDS Technologies are pleased to announce the recent 3-rack upgrade by Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) in India! The order for this substantial upgrade was placed in late December and RTDS Technologies has delivered it in only 2 months to meet CPRI’s urgent requirements.

The latest in simulation technology is being provided to CPRI through the upgrade, including:

  1. A threefold increase in number of nodes that can be simulated

  2. IEEE C37.118 PMU streaming with 1PPS/IRIG-B/IEEE 1588 GPS synchronization

  3. IEC 61850 GOOSE and Sampled Values capabilities

  4. Distribution mode to solve more than 1000 nodes per rack in EMT domain without splitting the network


CPRI has been an RTDS Simulator user for over 15 years and continues to put their trust in the world standard for real time power system simulation. This is the third major upgrade to their RTDS Simulator equipment as CPRI continues to take advantage of RTDS Technologies’ unique hardware exchange program. We look forward to many more years of working together!


When asked about upgrade, the team of professionals from the Power Systems Division at CPRI said “RTDS has been our main real-time HIL simulator. RTDS is very reliable and technical support is one of the best in the industry. We have executed many prestigious projects for important clients like GE, ABB, Alstom, etc. on RTDS and we are also very happy that we can use all the past cases on the new simulator. We are really excited that we can use the upgraded RTDS Simulator for future projects involving new technologies for applications such as substation automation, synchrophasors, Smart Grid, and microgrid controller testing. We really thank M/s  RTDS Technologies as well as M/s  Nayak Power Systems for keeping up the schedule and delivering the consignment on time.”

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