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The Plotting Tool

View, analyze, and manipulate measured and simulated data in a powerful offline environment.

Offline plotting and analysis are critical aspects of many engineering and scientific studies.  Having the right tool to quickly and efficiently view, analyze, and modify large quantities of data is equally important.  

Enerplot is a fully automatable application that allows the user to perform highly repetitive tasks at lightning speed.  Scripts can be written using the embedded python interface or record you actions to create custom script macros.

Application level functions include loading data, creating graphs, and generating curves.   Enerplot's math library also provides the ability to create custom curves.  

Enerplot supports import data of the following formats:

  • PSCAD™/EMTDC™ output (*.inf, *infx, *.out)

  • COMTRADE (*.cfg) - 1991, 1999 both ASCII and binary

  • PSS/E (*.out, *.asc)

  • RSCAD (*.out) (RTDS Technologies)

  • Comma Separated Values (*.csv) - formatted and unformatted

  • Text Files (*.txt) - formatted and unformatted

Datasets sourced and loaded from any of the supported types from above can be converted and saved into either COMTRADE or Comma Separated Value format.  

Features and Benefits:

  • Automated scripting with embedded python interface

  • Ability to create custom scripts by recording user actions

  • Powerful, embedded math parser for creating and modifying new and existing curves

  • Fast-Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis tools

  • Saving time with the ability to template projects when performing similar studies

  • Quickly switching between curves by toggling referenced and loaded datasets

  • Easily shifting, scaling, smoothing, and manually adjusting of curves

  • Loading huge data files in seconds with lazy-loading feature

  • Option to update graphs using data file change detection

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