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Wind Turbines


Power System Importer

Flexibility Through Customization

Relying heavily on PSCAD’s philosophy of open architecture, the PRSIM interface gives advanced users the flexibility to design their own custom libraries of models that fit their needs. A comprehensive library of scripting models is included with PSCAD’s master libraries for V4.6 and V5.

Features and Benefits:
  • Convert PSS/E and PowerFactory data files to PSCAD V4.6 and V5.0

  • Import detailed dynamic data

  • Import sequence data

  • Import location data for automatic schematic expansion

  • Form network equivalents for unexpanded segments of the network

  • Create a module from a selection of buses and branches;

  • Data conversion scripts are stored in the PRSIM.pslx libraries (V4.6 and V5.0)

  • Create new scripts for custom library models

  • Re-initialize previously generated PSCAD projects

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